Cynthia D. Brooks, CPA, APAC

New Business Advisory Services

Shreveport new business advisorWhen starting a new business, a solid, long-term plan of action is needed to create a successful and profitable enterprise. The financial and tax implications of decisions made at the outset can make all the difference in succeeding or failing later on so consulting with a local Shreveport, LA CPA is critical. At Cynthia D. Brooks, CPA, APAC, we have experience working with all kinds of new business startups. With our assistance you’ll avoid costly mistakes and make the right choices when setting up your new business.

First, we’ll learn about your goals and show you how to draft a compelling business plan that clearly outlines your financial objectives. Next, we'll show you how to use this plan to secure the necessary financing. Then, we’ll explain the pros and cons of various entities and steer you toward the business structure that will minimize taxes now and in the future.

Advisory Services for New Business Owners

If you’re an entrepreneur with a sound business concept and you’re ready to fulfill your dream of owning your own business, call Cynthia D. Brooks, CPA, APAC at 318-797-7261 today. We offer a free initial consultation to get you started.